Free your mind writing.

I have some very good friends to thank for inspiring me to write again.  Jess and Erika joined SLOSC last year and witnessing their joy of writing was contagious. Now, the time has come for me to rise up and take on the SOL challenge.  I want and need this because writing frees my mind.  Freeing my mind, at this point, will help save my life.

I want to linger in a cathartic state of being for longer than a hot second. Freeing my mind with writing will make that happen!  There are too many stresses in my life that I don’t let go of in my brain and I MUST release them! I was always content and vibrant when I let out what I was feeling through writing. Since then, I have let writing slip from my daily routine and have noticed my health decline. I know writing is not the only answer to my well being (… but it will help and will be freeing.)

In the fall, I signed up for a writing seminar during a professional development day in my school district.  I took it; searching for more inspiration to bring back my daily writing life (…and prepare for this challenge.) It was truly inspirational. I selected a new journal, colorful flowing pens and even carved out snippets of time to write. I became an observer of the world again and was loving it, but… there wasn’t any consistency. This challenge is just what I need to help me with that, as well as bring back some happiness by freeing my mind.

6 thoughts on “Free your mind writing.

  1. I like the idea of “freeing your mind by wriitng.” I do always feel much better after I have written, and I get a great deal of joy from it. You are right. These 31 days get me looking at the world again – at the small details and the bigger picture.

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  2. Welcome to slicing! I would love to know more about your writing seminar during a professional development day! That sounds like the best PD ever! I hope this challenge frees your mind and sets your writing life on fire! Happy March!

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  3. There is so much honesty and vulnerability in this slice. I too feel like writing helps to free my mind, helps me be a better observer and live in the moment. Welcome to slice of life. I’m excited to follow your journey.

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  4. I also love that idea of freeing our minds by writing. I started a daily writing challenge for myself in December and wrote in my notebook every day for two months before taking a short break in February. It’s amazing how much more centered and sane I feel when I’m writing every day!

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